360 Feedback Tool

Extended DISC® Open 360° is an online platform that allows you to conduct 360° feedback measurements using your own criteria. Open 360° is a customisable and flexible tool for measuring skills, competencies and behaviours. An Open 360° commonly combines an individuals self assessment and feedback from managers, peers and direct reports, anonymously, into one report.

An Open 360° can be used in any application where feedback from others is helpful in developing the performance of employees, teams and organisations. It eliminates the administrative frustrations by automating the process. It is most oftenly used for performance appraisals, performance management, team evaluations, training needs identification, employee development, skills development, leadership and management development.

Benefits include increased self-awareness, identification of problem areas, self-perception vs reality (blind spots),improved communication, improved performance, professional development, improved team dynamics and the ability to compare feedback from year to year to monitor development.

Questions can and should align to your mission statement and values. There is no limit to the number of questions or question groups. However, we recommend the questionnaire is not too long as the validity of the respondents answers tends to diminish. There are 3 types of questions to choose from, likert scale, open scale, or open questions.

RRP From $750* (AUD) for single person being assessed.
(Group pricing available)

*additional set up fee of $330 applies to each questionnaire

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