About Us

Simply put, boards control organisations which employ people. The Black Bull Performance Group provides a holistic approach to improving both organisational and personal performance from the top of the organisation all the way down to its front line employees.

Black Bull Performance Group exists to assist SME/SMB businesses, their employees, executives and company directors from across Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A and Canada to achieve their full potential and increase the return to the business owner(s).

Through its Black Bull Coaching division Black Bull Performance Group helps people be the best version of themselves and facilitates new ways of thinking to achieve goals, overcome problems and clear personal development blockages. Black Bull Coaching offers behavioural profiling for individuals and teams, emotional intelligence coaching and mindset coaching.

Through its Black Bull Board and Business Improvement division Black Bull Performance Group offers a range of masterclasses to meet the needs of boards and business owners.

The Black Bull Performance Hub provides Black Bull Performance Group clients with a range of trusted suppliers to make doing business easier and address risk involved with using unknown suppliers. Through those suppliers clients also have access to a range of free development tools including webinars and other resource materials from a closed Facebook Group.

What’s in a name? We often get asked why the name? Here is why…..

Black – Black is associated with power, strength, authority, elegance and sophistication. Black is required for all other colours to have depth and variation of hue.

Bull – The bull is a symbol of level-headedness, stamina, provision, stability, strength, helpfulness, determination and confidence.

Performance – High performance organisations not only outperform their competition, they are typically also highly profitable. Performance does not just happen. It is planned , monitored, reviewed and nurtured. It begins with a vision. People get brought into that vision and ultimately high performance becomes part of the DNA of the organisation. A focus on high performance is the differentiator between a mediocre business and a great business. Regardless of the size of your organisation performance is a concern, even if you are currently the only person in that organisation. It is never too late. Performance can be taught. Performance can be built into your organisation.

Group – We are not a “one trick pony”. Our different divisions support our overall aim, they just have different delivery points. Our partners and joint ventures are also critical to our success. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” was first coined by the philosopher Aristotle. This phrase also aptly defines the modern concept of synergy. For anybody who has played team sports, it echoes the T.E.A.M acronym for “together, everyone achieves more”.

About Us