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Guiding boards, businesses and individuals to future performance
  • A great quote is “be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it” Mark Amend.
  • Research from Harvard Business School and Wharton School found that though many people are afraid to ask for advice and risk looking incompetent, they’ve actually got it backwards. People who seek advice are likely to be thought of as more competent.
  • Boards benefit from objective independent performance reviews even though directors may find it an awkward and uncomfortable process.
  • At the business level guidance is critical to avoiding the business danger zones.
  • At the personal level we rarely have the opportunity for another person to be solely devoted to our needs and issues, coaching can provide that safe space and those special conversations.
  • Do you have a dashboard of indicators helping you navigate your business and personal life?
  • Are you able to draw upon significant relevant experience to help guide your decisions?
  • The opposite of being guided is to be lost. Do you ever feel lost, adrift or directionless in either business or private life?
  • Remember the fairytale about Hansel and Gretel? Hansel took a slice of bread and left a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow home. What path are you following? Who is guiding you?


The question is not whether you need coaching, it is whether you want success. In life, we each do the best we can with the resources available to us. The resources available to each of us varies, which is why success looks different for each of us. Black Bull Performance Group provides coaching through its coaching arm, Black Bull Coaching, to clients seeking personal improvement in their thinking and results as well as business owners wanting to improve their business results and remain financially sustainable. Utilising a solid coaching framework and drawing upon leading thought, let us guide you to increased success in your life and business. Choose from online programs, coaching packages and customised one to one coaching.

Patricias Story

Patricia’s Story

Life Lessons from an Extraordinary Woman
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Patricia’s story reads like a Hollywood script and every detail happened. In her world, women were yet to achieve the breakthroughs we take for granted today. Her story is one of big dreams, love, determination, strength and courage. It involves a tragic love story, international kidnapping, a career the impact of which has lasted decades, a life of dedication to her two sons and caring for others. The many life lessons from Patricia’s story can be immediately translated into your own life. An extraordinary woman who lived life on her own terms. International emotional intelligence coach Steve Gregory delivers Patricia’s riveting story and ties in learnings with leading thought in the area of core needs, changing mindsets and internal growth.

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To change your results you have to change your thinking
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