Behavioural Profiling

Behavioural Profiling Reports

“A great way of showing respect for somebody is to demonstrate your understanding of them” – Joe Pane

Human behaviour is experienced throughout an individual’s entire lifetime. It includes the way they act based on different factors such as genetics, social norms, core faith and attitude. Behaviour is impacted by certain traits each individual has. The traits vary from person to person and can produce different actions or behaviours from each person

Not every SME can afford a dedicated HR resource. Behavioural Profiling reports can take the guesswork out of HR. Used the world over Extended DISC® is an online psychometric questionnaire developed to extend our understanding of human behaviour. By taking profiling further it is used to maximise staff development. Taking behavioural profiling to a new level, the FinxS online psychometric assessment is comprised of only 24 questions (with 2 sub-questions each). Whilst it sounds simple, it provides remarkably accurate and useful insights into human behaviour.

Based on the world-renowned and validated Extended DISC® Behavioural Style model, the Ipsative assessment is shown to identify both a person’s ‘natural’ and ‘learned’ behavioural style – something many profiling tools fail to do.

Complete a short questionnaire online (available in over 60 languages) from anywhere in the world and the resulting assessment is then made available to you with an unpack of results included in the fee. The unpack of results can be done by telephone/teleconference. Reports can identify 160 different behavioural styles.

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