Individual Behavioural Report

Self-Awareness is crucially important in today’s workplace environment, as well as socially, personally and professionally. Self Awareness leads to an understanding of our own behaviour allowing us to adjust our behaviour to the people around us. Not only does this allow for a culture of cohesion, it also helps build a tolerance of each other and a shared understanding.

Simply complete the Extended DISC Online questionnaire which can be answered in less than 15 minutes. The Individual Behavioural Report explains in a clear, concise and easy to read format including graphics, your natural behavioural style. The report allows the comparison of a person’s conscious behavioural style to a person’s unconscious behavioural style. This is a very powerful feature as it means that the report does not only tell us what we already know about someone, or what you already know about yourself, but it allows one to assess if a person is comfortable in their work role. We can understand whether a person is under some pressure, feels insecure, is frustrated or feels the need to adjust to a role outside their normal comfort zone.

What is an Individual Behavioural Report Useful for?

The report helps match people to their ideal role.

The report also provides clarity by helping people understand:
The report can be used for:

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