Not a Popularity Contest

Leadership should never be a popularity contest….if it is, it usually ends up creating a toxic workplace. As leaders, we don’t need to be everybody’s friend and there are circumstances where being a friend can negatively impact performance. So, where to from here?

As leaders, we don’t really have “employees”, “staff members” or even “team members”…we work with people. We lead people.

Rather than trying to be everybody’s friend, aim for these:
­čÄ»Listen to your people
­čÄ»Respect your people
­čÄ»Protect your people
­čÄ»Serve your people
­čÄ»Inspire your people

That’s how you lead people.

Businesses and organisations simply don’t exist without people.What score out of 10 would you give yourself for the 5 abovementioned actions?

Now ask yourself – what score would your people you lead give you?

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