Build Your Emotional Fitness

💖What’s your relationship with “Uncertainty” like RIGHT NOW? And conversely, how are you feeding your need for “Certainty”?

What score would you give Certainty out of 10 RIGHT NOW? If it’s not sitting at 9 or 10 – what can you do yourself, immediately, to get it higher – take it next level?

You know of Tony Robbins right? He showed us how we all have 6 Core Needs (no, not Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs). We all need Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance, Connection, Contribution and Growth at high levels (8, 9 or 10 out of 10) to feel fulfilled in life.

How are you achieving each of those 6 Core Needs right now? And how, as a leader, are you meeting those same needs of the people you lead?

We talk of Servant Leadership – but its’s harder to walk the walk than it is to talk the talk. Remember too – actions speak louder than words!

We are Practitioners of The Emotional Intelligence Formula™.

What is The Emotional Intelligence Formula™?

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