Boards and business owners can improve productivity by investing in a corporate retreat. Simply getting away from the stressful atmosphere of the workplace can do a world of good. A company retreat allows your people to regroup and rediscover their passion for their work.

Once you have chosen your ideal location, you need to craft the content to maximise your investment in the activity. A corporate retreat is an effective opportunity to take advantage of Black Bul Performance Group’s emotional intelligence and mindset change coaching material. You can intertwine further development of your people with your own corporate goals.

Below are 5 important reasons to conduct a corporate retreat based on real twitter responses from company founders and companies:

1. Don’t stress over day-to-day tasks and focus on big-picture thinking. Retreats help the team push pause on the stress of completing daily tasks so they can step out of the details and think big-picture for the future. [a software development company which does an annual seven-night retreat to bring its team together in one relaxed space.]

2. Take time to learn about each other’s personalities. Once a year, it is useful to get together as a group for some face time where your people can really learn about each other’s personalities and spend a lot of time together to learn about what makes each other tick. [an analytics company with a growing team that’s scattered across countries and states, video chats work fine most days].

3. Explore somewhere new together. Bringing the team together in an interesting environment creates an opportunity to explore a new place together, and organically opens the door to learn more about each other along the way. It’s much easier to have casual conversations this way. [a company specialising in integrations for software which likes corporate retreats because, well, they’re fun.]

4. Make important decisions. Sometimes it’s better to have an in-person gathering to hash out important, company-wide decisions–and retreats are one way to do that. One software company found that being able to talk through the many angles of a difficult decision was helpful and so they now save this activity for in-person retreats.

5. Show love and appreciation. For another software integration company, taking a group retreat is a way to show employees they’re valued, loved and appreciated. Retreats can be a chance just to hang out as a group, laugh, and talk to teach other, building greater rapport and deeper relationships.

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