Whether you are wanting to identify, build or change your culture, solving the culture dilemma is something Black Bull Performance Group can assist you with.

You can’t force a company culture onto unwilling people. You can create a blueprint for what you would like it to be. You can guide it. You can build it over time. You can recruit likeminded people into it. You can influence it through your actions. You can celebrate it and you can showcase it in play. Culture is not tangible, it is intangible. You can only see culture through the actions of your people. Boards and businesses can’t decide it in the boardroom and then just expect it to be clinically implemented. It has to have strong roots. It has to be given resources. It has to be given time to evolve. It requires board, management and employee buy in. There has to be consistent effective communication. Culture has to be regularly tested, monitored and nurtured. Be wary of virtue signalling. Talk the talk but walk the walk. In mergers and takeovers there is often a clash of cultures. Employees leave organisations because of poor cultures.

Black Bull Performance Group has a range of behavioural profiling reporting tools that can be utilised to identify team dynamics at play and for teams to better understand each other.

Black Bull Performance Group will conduct a virtual review of your current situation utilising our own unique culture framework. We will recommend appropriate behavioural profiling for use. You are then provided with a confidential report highlighting red flags, areas for development and recommendations.

RRP $3,300 (AUD)

(plus cost of any behavioural reporting undertaken)

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