Online Customer Service Training

Your customers have one thing more than ever before and that is choice. Your staff can either be the reason your current and future customers choose you, or they will be the reason for change. If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will.

So, what customer service training do your employees currently receive? Are you presently competing on price and range of product/services? It has been predicted that within the next 2 years, customer engagement and experience will overtake price and product as the key brand and buying distinguisher.

Your people are your competitive edge. Magical thinking and on the job training will not deliver you consistency of results. Black Bull Performance Group is affiliated with a leading organisation providing the benchmark in customer service training. The Programs have been created and designed with your customers in mind. Your staff will not only learn “how” to give your customers amazing experiences, but more importantly “why” it is so important.

Customer service and engagement has to be a deliberate action. You need training that will create and establish your customer based culture. These programs aren’t based on theory, they are based upon proven methods and procedures that have been implemented into hundreds of businesses

Choose the option that suits you most.

Full Program – RRP $197 (AUD) per person

All aspects of customer service procedures and processes are covered in this 5 module course.

Module 1 – Who Am I?
Module 2 – Who Is My Customer?
Module 3 – Back to basics
Module 4 – It’s all about Communication
Module 5 – Exceeding Expectations

The course is specifically designed for each staff member to undertake the program with their own login and at their own pace. This then creates the best results with your entire team. Each module has a download and a video.

You as the owner / manager also can log in to see your team’s progress and can be notified when each module has been completed so you can assess each staff member in real time, see if there are any red flags or issues, then address them with each staff member.

Refresher Program – RRP $69 (AUD) per person

There is also a smaller version of the program available for those just wanting their staff to brush up on their skills and is also perfect for any business who has casual staff. With just 2 modules it is perfect for the seasoned customer service staff member to complete so that they are current and across what customers are looking for.

Module 1 – Who Is My Customer?
Module 2 – Exceeding Expectations

If online doesn’t meet your needs, face to face customer service training programs are also available.

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