Meta Dynamics ™ Profiling Tool

This dynamic tool describes the intricate nature of your thinking pattern. Unlike personality, thinking styles can be developed over time to deliver outstanding results. Understanding behavioural preferences allows you to keep yourself and your clients on the cutting edge of this evolving methodology.

The Meta Dynamics ™ Profiling Tool measures 16 dimensions and provides you with an exclusive window into your potential. By knowing why you do what you do you enables you to achieve new goals and evolve into the person you want to be. This 16-dimension questionnaire assesses your preferences, particularly in the everyday context. Each dimension refers to a specific part of thinking styles such as influencing, resiliency, outcome focused etc.

The questionnaire requires you to respond to behavioural statements such as “I influence people’s opinion” in terms of your agreement or disagreement with the item. Similarly to most personality and behavioural assessments such as the Occupational Personality Questionnaire and eDISC, the Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool also links back to the NEO-PI(R) Personality Test, MBTI and Big 5 model of personality which has long become a widely accepted model of personality and behavioural assessments for decades.

Underpinning the behavioural preferences are 41 primary characteristics, all of which are assessed by the MDPT(i)

ENVIRONMENT The thinking style of an individual to create an environment that is conducive to building a high performing team
Visionary Motivator, Forward Thinking, Risk Taking, Tough Minded, Openness to Experience, Abstract, Independent Minded
Sustained vision Self-Efficacy, Credible, Tough Mindedness
Personal strengths Resilience, Adaptability, Internal Locus of Control, Intrinsic Motivation
Self actualisation Internal Locus of Control, Modest, Openness to Experience, Self-Efficacy, Goal Setting
STRUCTURE The thinking style of an individual to design and bring to the team systems to aid the achievement of results; and their ability to think strategically and anticipate challenges.
Strategic Thinking Forward Thinking, Systematic, Deductive Reasoning, Evaluative
Innovation Management Problem Solving, Efficiency, Creativity
Planning Conscientiousness, Detail Conscious, Process Driven, Prioritisation
Decision Making Consultative, Data Rational, Decisive, Independent Minded, Deductive Reasoning
IMPLEMENTATION The thinking style of an individual to deliver results and to stay focused on the business vision and objectives.
Autonomy Motivator, Independent Minded, Affiliative
Outcome Focused Resilience, Intrinsic Motivation, Internal Locus of Control, Conscientiousness, Focus, Achieving, Variety Seeking
Orderliness Time Management, Prioritisation, Conscientiousness, Preparedness, Organised
Monitoring Forward Thinking, Time Management, Tough Mindedness, Problem Solving, Adaptable
PEOPLE The thinking style of an individual to develop relationships and to develop their team
Mentor Outspoken, Controlling
Connection Modesty, Adaptable, Outgoing, Affiliative
Social Expertness Outgoing, Behavioural
Mindfulness Modest, Perceptive, Openness to Experience, Behavioural

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