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Leading a team is a continuous cycle of connection, communication, understanding and action. The Officevibe engagement tool enhances how you hear each member of your team so you can track key issues in real time. Know how they really feel through honest feedback that lets you focus less on detecting problems and more on solving them.

Sense trouble before it hits and transform obstacles into opportunities. Weekly reports turn feedback into insights, giving you the power to see into your team’s future, identify its weak points and stay one step ahead.

The Officevibe tool is based on decades of employee engagement research. Questions are automatically adjusted giving you the most precise picture across all metrics. The Officevibe engagement tool uses metrics including recognition, feedback, happiness, personal growth, satisfaction, wellness, ambassadorship, relationship with manager, relationship with peers and alignment.

Each week, employees respond anonymously to a 5-question Pulse Survey. The surveys have an 85% response rate and only take about 2 minutes to complete. The questions are designed and written in a way that allows for maximum participation. All survey questions are backed by science.

Anonymity is taken very seriously. Individual survey responses are never exposed. Only aggregated results are presented so that organizations can have the data they need to take action and improve.

With the full functionality of Officevibe you can compare between departments within your organisation for only $4 (USD) per employee per month or an annual plan of only $40 (USD) per employee (receive 2 months free) click below:

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