Who is in your corner?

Who is in your corner? We all need an effective support team. All leaders need an accountability partner, a validation partner and a coach. Maybe that is all in the one person, or maybe you have a person for each. My own “team” has helped me on my journey. I used to genuinely believe that “pain is only weakness leaving the body”. Pretty unresourceful. So many leaders confuse weakness with vulnerability.

Emotional pain needs to be released from our body. First though we need to learn how to manage emotion. If we suppress emotion it will manifest elsewhere in the body. We work with leaders teaching them how to manage emotion and build their emotional intelligence.

Conscious leadership embraces vulnerability in leaders. Vulnerability is the doorway to greater emotional intimacy. When we learn that it is ok to be or feel vulnerable, it increases our authenticity and our behavioural flexibility. It makes us warmer and more approachable. Being intimidating will not bring you more customers or inspire your teams.

Steve Gregory – CEO