A revolution of the mind

Question for you. “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees” – what comes up for you when you hear that? It must be impactful because many have used it in their oratory over a long time. It was a common expression during the Spanish Civil War (“La Pasionaria” Dolores Ibárruri), USA President Franklin D Roosevelt used it. Emiliano Zapata (general of the southern Mexican revolutionary army) and revolutionary Che Guevara both used it. For me, it’s about taking a chance…it’s about daring to give it my all rather than compromise…it’s about connecting with my core and not hiding my crud behind a crust…a mask. Maybe it is indeed a revolution of the mind. As leaders, we need to be brave and show courage, we need to take action in the presence of fear. We need to be willing to risk it all for what we truly believe in. Lip service, mediocrity, status quo, avoidance and inaction are our enemies. We must be prepared for where go as one, we go as all. What would you like to change right now?