Great expectations

The notion that one person can fix all problems is a nonsense. Yet as leaders we are so often burdened with expectations that we have answers to all problems, all of the time. So often our own needs are ignored  and we are expected to not have feelings of doubt, inadequacy, hurt and shame. Instead, like robots we are expected to push through all obstacles, achieve all goals.  John F. Kennedy Jr felt the weight of the nations’ expectations to live up to his father’s promise, to deliver a Camelot to the American people. In his own words “Sometimes the weight of expectations, of doing anything, can be a little bit heavy.” So if, as a leader, you are feeling less than perfect right at this moment, know that you ARE enough. You don’t need to have all the answers all of the time. You just need to be connected with your team, to feel, to grow. Remember, together everybody achieves more (T.E.A.M). It’s ok to ask for help.