Leadership Intensive – Online

On Tuesday 5 September  & Wednesday 6 September  we are running our next 2 Day Leadership Intensive online.

You can read all about it here:


Mid-Level Leaders Struggle, Despite Forming the Backbone of the Leadership Pipeline…

When team members are transitioning to mid-level leadership, the biggest direct contributors to stress are:
😯 Experiencing a significant increase in role complexity, including
– Increased Responsibilities
– Higher Expectations
– Interpersonal Challenges
– Time Management
– Communication Burden
– Decision-Making
🤑Assuming responsibility for a profit/loss function.
🤔Acquiring more direct reports & people management

DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2023 showed “only 12% of companies report having a strong bench of leaders ready to step up to manage those challenges”. If you don’t have a strong bench, your performance can be compromised.

Mid-level leaders are critical in creating the talent backbone of an organisation. As they become further removed from day-to-day operations, many mid-level leaders struggle to adapt to the higher-level leadership challenges of their roles.

DDI’s CEO Leadership Report 2023 found that “65% of mid-level leaders reported that their stress level increased significantly upon entering their role. Worse, 60% reported frequently feeling used up at the end of the workday, putting them at high risk for burnout.”

What’s the answer? Invest in your leaders at all levels so you build an incredibly strong bench from which to fill leadership roles. Create a leadership succession pathway.

Our upcoming Black Bull Performance Group 2 day online Leadership Intensive is a great leadership development tool


The bottom line is it’s a jumpstart for new leaders, leaders wanting to be more effective and those just wanting to do some leadership work on themselves.

Maybe it’s for yourself, or you can send somebody on your team who you think would benefit from a leadership deep dive…maybe even a reward for a star performer as some extra personal development.

Once registered we will then make contact with the person to provide all the appropriate links and access codes. There is a FB group attached to the event and the sooner registration occurs, the sooner you or your team member can get in and start enjoying the prep work.

Oh yes, there is a small amount of prep work to get ready for the day…its’ not just a 2 day talkfest or pre recorded videos. It’s me and my crew for the full 2 days.

Tickets to the event are $970 each so please don’t miss this opportunity to reward yourself or somebody on your team.

Each day starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm.