Who needs leadership development the most?

“Senior leaders often receive most of their leadership training during the final chapters of their careers, when they have the most experience. Organizations also go to great lengths to conduct annual performance and talent reviews to identify high-performers and high-potentials (HiPos) and offer them ample development. In both scenarios, the individuals who receive the most development are also the ones who arguably need it the least. We call this the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PARADOX.” Taken from “Leadership Training Shouldn’t Just Be for Top Performers” by Navio Kwok and Winny Shen, [HBR January 20, 2022]

We need to be developing leadership at all levels throughout the organisations, not only senior leadership and star performers. How does your organisation develop leaders, and at what level?

On Tuesday 22 & Wednesday 23 November, I am running our next 2 Day Leadership Intensive online.

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The bottom line is it’s a jumpstart for new leaders, leaders wanting to be more effective and those just wanting to do some leadership work on themselves.