The future revealed

If CEOs want their teams to thrive, they would do well to leave behind some less-than-useful practices from the old normal. Author Patrick Lencioni talks of 3 areas for change in creating the new normal:

  • Over-engineering. We seem to be getting more done with less polishing, tweaking and fretting—and it’s actually a lot more gratifying…When this crisis passes, CEOs cannot allow things to slide back but should instead make sure that their newfound “essentialism” continues.”
  • Professionalism. “It’s time that we put more emphasis on personalism and less on professionalism… Leaders should leave behind the professional boundaries of the past and embrace more personal relationships with their people, even if their lawyers suggest otherwise.”
  • Work-family compartmentalization. “As we go back to the office and the physical separation of our professional and home lives, we should work hard to keep our families connected with what we’re doing, both for them and for ourselves. It will make us happier people, which will inevitably serve our organizations.”

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